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Top 10 Reasons to choose Trademark Republic

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Top 10 Reasons to choose Trademark Republic

We're Affordable

We are a specialist intellectual property firm in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Cambodia. When you compare our services and features with our competitors, our pricing is extremely affordable. We do not skimp on quality yet believe intellectual property should be accessible to everyone. This way, we have saved our clients thousands of ringgits when compared to using services with a legal firm.

Founded by an Experienced Trademark Professional

Trademark Republic was founded by a registered Trademark Agent, a former member of the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) who represented the Malaysian Government to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Convention in Geneva, Switzerland. Hence, we will provide you with insider knowledge and expertise while filing your trademarks to get them approved.

No Hidden Costs or Fees

We are completely transparent with our pricing. The price we list on our website (our service fee + the required government fee) is the price you pay to get your trademark filed. We will not let you be caught off-guard!

Simple Process

You do not need to worry about tedious and lengthy documentations. We have simplified the trademark filing process for you to ensure that your trademark filings will be handled professionally and within a reasonable time.

Innovative Tools

Trademark Republic utilizes a cutting-edge database system to help clients monitor the progress and status of their trademarks. We are always working on new ways to simplify and make the trademark process less complex for our clients.

Unlimited Customer Service

No billing by the hour! There is no need to pay for our professional service. We promise you unlimited, timely and efficient professional service for any of your inquiries.

We Check Your Application for Completeness

Our Trademark Republic professionals will review your application for completeness.

We Guarantee Your Trademark Gets Filed

If we cannot file your trademark or you decide not to file it based on the trademark search results, there is no imposition to pay for the filing fee.

Our Comprehensive Trademark Search Report

We take the utmost care and attention to conduct the most comprehensive trademark search, coupled with our experience and expertise. This is to ensure holistic yet easy-to-understand results so that you are well-informed about all possible avenues and can make decision for the next steps.

We Hire Amazing Employees

Our Trademark Republic specialists have years of experience reviewing and transmitting trademark applications with MyIPO. We are professionals and top player in the trade; we promise you accurate and timely advice.

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